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CECAM 2019 Occupancy Modeling Workshop

Site with supporting materials, documentation, and helpful resources for the CECAM 2019 Occupancy Workshop

This page contains resources associated with the occupancy modeling workshop offerd in advance of CECAM 2019 in Mérida, Yucatán. These resources include materials that will be used during the workshop as well as links to extended resources.

Lecture Slides

Introduction Slides

Single-species, single-season occupancy models

Multi-season extension to occupancy models

Basic multi-season model from 2nd Ed of MacKenzie Book

Contact slide


Helpful keyboard shortcuts for spanish language keyboard

Single-season, single-species models

Single-season tutorial (source code)

Single-season tutorial

Single season unicorn data

Multi-season, single-species models

Multi-season tutorial (source code)

Additional Resources

‘Unmarked’ R package documentation

John P. Vanek’s website

MacKenzie et al. Book

Theresa Donovan’s E-book of Exercises

MacKenzie and Royal 2005 - Designing Occupancy Studies

MacKenzie et al. 2002 - Orignial occupancy paper

USGS Factsheet

Burnham and Anderson. 2002. Multi-model inference book

Examples of Occupancy-based Papers

Declining old- forest species as a legacy of large trees lost

Factors affecting Burrowing Owl occupancy of prairie dog colonies